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About Our High School Athletics

Pacific Point Christian High School athletics is a proud member of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) program, “Pursuing Victory with Honor”, and participates in the Pacific Coast Athletic League (PCAL). Our goal is to share, show, and teach life lessons through teamwork, commitment, and discipline in competition. Athletes will learn the skills of each sport, handle the pressure of games, work as a team, and learn how to display sportsmanship on and off the field. With the small school experience, we have the chance to mentor each of our athletes and allow them to share their journey with our elementary students through the Lion’s Pride after-school program. PPCHS provides opportunities for athletes to develop in their sport and grow as young men and women.

Boys 8-man Football

Girls Golf

Girls Volleyball

Boys’ Basketball:

The boys’ basketball team looks to make its fourth straight appearance into the CCS D5 playoffs this upcoming season. Coming off a second place finish in the Arroyo division last season, the Lions are eyeing an opportunity to win their league if they are able to get a full league season of games. The Lions are led by first year Head Coach Alec Vucinich who brings an impressive amount of experience and knowledge as a collegiate basketball player to the program. Coach Vuninch played at Scotts Valley High where he was an all-league player and was also a member of the prestigious West Valley Basketball club for whom he currently coaches during the summer. After one year at West Valley College, Vucinich transferred to play at La Verne University. The boys’ basketball team will be assisted by Jerod Prettyman who was a 4-sport athlete in high school along with being a two time first team all-league basketball player.

The boys’ basketball team will have 4 seniors that will look to provide consistency and leadership. Artavius Martin was a first team all PCAL player last season and will look to lead the team along with fellow seniors Gabriel Donnelly, Gabriel Smart, and Roberto Valencia. Michael Hernandez will be the only other upperclassmen on the team as the rest of the team will be underclassmen who are hungry, determined, eager to learn, and ready to compete. Coach Vucinich is excited to have the combination of proven upperclassmen with enthusiastic underclassmen and feels that the team will be ready to compete right away. “I believe we have some senior leadership that has experience competing for a league championship. Our younger players are going to get a chance to learn and contribute and that will pay dividends down the road for the future of our program.”

The boys’ basketball team is looking forward to playing their first games by the end of April. Once a schedule is confirmed by the PCAL, we will be sure to send out that information.

Girls’ Basketball:

The girls’ basketball team will also be looking to go to the CCS D5 playoffs once again this year after going 9-5 in the Arroyo division last season. The Lions are led by second year coach Erik Nelson who is excited to build off of the success from last year. Coach Nelson will be entering his second season with the Pacific Point Christian Lions after serving as the Gavilan College head coach for seven seasons. He said his main focus is on building a culture of effort and cohesiveness. “I believe our team this year has a ton of potential. Last year we were really pesky and aggressive on defense, and I expect us to play the same way this season. Having more depth with 11 players as opposed to 7 will make a huge difference and will allow us to press and play up-tempo for the entire game.”  The team will be assisted by Jerod Prettyman who will be the head coach for the junior high basketball teams as well as the varsity assistant for both the girls and boys programs.  

The Lions will be led by six upperclassmen that include leading scorer and first team all-league player Angela Prettyman as well as second team all-league senior Mandi Barnes. With 4 new players and a returning group that has goals of winning their division, the Lions are excited for the upcoming season!

Due to county guidelines, it is still to be determined whether or not the basketball teams will play only Santa Clara county teams or if they will be able to play a full league schedule. Once the schedule is finalized, we will be sure to get the information out and on the athletics website. 

Boys Golf

Track & Field

Our track team currently consists of two runners, and we are looking to add more student-athletes who might consider participating in both basketball and track. The track team is coached by Gwen Prettyman, and she is excited to build a culture of hard work and consistency. Coach Gwen Prettyman stated, “Our athletes are excited and working hard to become stronger and faster for the track season ahead. As a coach, I believe the season is already a success!”


Mission Statement

The mission of the Pacific Point Christian High School Athletic Department is to provide an opportunity to develop a nurturing environment in which to develop potential while offering instruction supported by a strong foundation of Christian Values in partnership with parents, equipping students to become leaders to serve God, their families, and to positively impact their communities and the world.

Philosophy of Athletics

The Pacific Point Christian Athletic program exists for three primary purposes:

  1. To teach life lessons that come through true competition: effort, teamwork, sportsmanship, preparation, dignity, worth, and handling
  2. To be an outreach branch of the PPC ministry. We strive to share the gospel message through words and actions with all whom we come into contact and to provide a Christian environment for entertainment and
  3. To provide Christian role models of the highest skill levels in our coaching staff with the intent of forming a Christ-like character in our

Pacific Point Christian is a proud member of the CIF program Pursuing Victory with Honor (CIF Website).

General Athletic Department Policies & Procedures

In addition to the policies and procedures included below, each team may publish a particular set of rules and/or policies that are an addendum to and governed under the athletic department.

CIF Guidelines: In accordance with the state of California and the California Interscholastic Federation, the following are provisions for participating in an after school sports team:

  • A student must not reach their 19th birthday on/or before June 14th of the previous
  • A student must have attended high school for no more than eight (8) semesters after completing the eighth

*Residency Eligibility: All students who transfer (are admitted) to Pacific Point Christian High School (i.e. do not begin their enrollment at Pacific Point Christian High School on their first day of the ninth grade) must see the Athletic Director to determine eligibility to play a sport.

*Academic Eligibility:

  • The student-athlete must have passed 20 semester credits of schoolwork in the previous grading
  • The student-athlete must be currently enrolled in 20 semester credits of
  • The student-athlete must have attained a 0 grade point average on a 4.0 point scale the previous grading period.

After each grading period, the school counselor, registrar will publish to the athletic department a list of students who fall below a 2.0 grade point average in the previous semester. The Athletic Department will communicate to head coaches the ineligible student-athletes for that quarter.

  • Procedures for Appeal: If a student-athlete falls below a 2.0 grade point average, they may retain their eligibility, on a probationary basis, if granted by the

A complete list of all CIF guidelines and bylaws are available at However, parents and students are strongly encouraged to ask the Athletic Director any question about CIF, CCS, PCAL, or PPC guidelines.

Conduct – Code of Ethics:

Student-athletes are expected to represent the highest ideals of the school, both on and off the campus. It is the duty of all concerned to:

  • Emphasize the proper ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and fair
  • Stress the values derived from playing the game
  • Show cordial courtesy to visiting teams and
  • Respect the integrity and judgment of sport
  • Achieve a thorough understanding and acceptance of
  • Encourage leadership, use of initiative and good judgment by the players on a
  • Remember that an athletic contest is only a game, not a matter of life and death for the player, coach, school, officials, fan, or

Conflict Resolution:

Our policy regarding conflict resolution are based on Matthew 18. These principles for students and/or parents who have a concern should follow these procedures in order:

  1. Student-athlete approaches the head coach and asks for a time to meet to discuss the
  2. If resolution is not reached, the parent should contact the head coach to arrange for a
  3. In the rare instance that there is still no resolution to the issue, the parent should contact the Athletic Director and arrange for a meeting with the student-athlete, the parent, the Coach and the Athletic
  4. Other administrators are generally involved only to discuss the Athletic Director’s handling of the


At the end of each season of sport, every student-athlete will have an opportunity to evaluate their coaching staff through the Coaches’ Performance Evaluation administered by the Athletic Department. Example “Appendix A


Student-athletes may use Pacific Point Christian facilities only with Pacific Point Christian Athletic Department approval and under the supervision of a faculty or staff member.

Facility Rental:

For facility rental information contact the Athletic Director for a facility request form. The form includes the following information:

  • Pacific Point Christian Schools Rules and Regulations of Facilities Renting
  • Pacific Point Christian Schools Application for Use of Facilities
  • Pacific Point Christian Schools Facilities Rates and Charges
  • Pacific Point Christian Schools Rental Agreement


We are blessed to have a Booster Club that establishes fundraising guidelines and events for Pacific Point Christian athletics. If you feel led to support Pacific Point Christian Athletics, contact the Athletic Director, Alec Vucinich for more information.

No individual fundraising accounts exist for any team or program and individual fundraisers are not allowed without written permission of the Athletic Director and Administration. For questions regarding fundraising or contributing to athletics email the athletic director or the Business Office.


Hazing is prohibited. Any attempt to hold a “rookie night” or any other type of initiation, even if held privately, will be cause for dismissal from the team. Pacific Point Christian affirms the dignity of every student. Hazing is unacceptable conduct, as well as illegal, and will not be tolerated.

Informed Consent:

By its very nature, competitive athletics can put students in situations in which serious, catastrophic and perhaps fatal accidents could occur.

Students and parents/guardian must assess the risks involved in such participation and make their choice to participate in spite of those risks. No amount of instruction, precaution, or supervision will totally eliminate all risk of injury. Just as driving an automobile involves choice of risk, participation in athletics is inherently dangerous. The obligation of parents and students in making this choice to participate cannot be overstated.

By granting permission to your son/daughter to participate in athletic competition, a parent/guardian acknowledges that playing or practicing in any sport can be a dangerous activity involving many risks of injury. Both the athlete and the parent must understand that the dangers and risks of playing or practicing include but are not limited to: death, complete or partial paralysis, brain damage, serious injury to virtually all internal organs, bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons and other aspects of the skeletal system and potential impairment to other aspects of the body, general health and well-being.

Intercollegiate Athletics: The Pacific Point Christian High School administration and coaching staff seeks to encourage student-athletes to set lofty goals and we work diligently to help students reach their goals. In terms of participation in intercollegiate athletics, families should expect the coaching staff to provide honest feedback regarding a student-athlete’s potential to participate in college athletics and the proper level for competition.

It is also important to understand that high school athletics do not exist as a minor league system for college athletics. Decisions regarding playing time, systems, scheduling, etc. are not made with college athletics in mind. Instead, our athletic program exists to teach lessons that can only be learned in an educational athletic forum.

Coaches are not expected nor required to ensure that students have the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level. Student-athletes interested in competing as a college athlete should make that desire known to coaches and athletic administration early in their high school career in order to have as many options as possible upon graduation.

Participation Fee:

The athletic fee is $150.00* per sport. Please submit your payment below when you submit your digitally signed documents. Please contact the Athletic Director or Administration if the fee is a hardship. Our desire is that all students who wish to participate in athletics may do so. No payments should be given to the coaches. The fee helps to partially offset the following athletic costs:

  • Coaches
  • Uniforms
  • Facilities
  • Officials
  • Equipment
  • Awards
  • Spirit Items (clothing)
  • Transportation
  • Equipment Repair
  • Tournament Fees
  • CCS Fees
  • League Fees
  • Coaches’ Education

Participation in multiple sports:

The Pacific Point Christian Athletic Department seeks to work cooperatively with students to allow them to pursue interests in as many areas as possible during their time at Pacific Point Christian. All athletes who compete for a Pacific Point Christian team are allowed to try out for a team in the next season of sport upon the conclusion of the previous season. Coaches and teachers will try to work cooperatively with families to allow participation in multiple activities (dance, robotics, band, etc.) when possible. However, coaches have the ability to set the minimum requirements for team membership.

Practice Sessions: A coach may, at their discretion, determine whether practice sessions are open or closed to parents/spectators. Oftentimes, the presence of parents puts undue pressure on student-athletes and serves as a distraction to the coaching process. There are no Sunday practice sessions. Morning practice sessions are not mandatory unless approved by the Athletic Director. All student-athletes are expected to be at practice unless released by athletic administration.

Permission to Meet with Student-Athlete:

Various instances arise throughout the school year and during their season of sport that the Athletic Department will need to meet with student-athletes. Permission to meet with student-athletes is at the discretion of the Athletic Department.

Spirit Packs:

Spirit packs are defined as the equipment or clothing that the student-athletes will keep at the end of the season (practice gear, warm-ups, socks, etc.). Spirit packs will be available for purchase and the athletic department will work with coaches to be good stewards of our parents’ resources.


Beyond the guidelines and regulations that Pacific Point Christian is obligated to follow, it is the hope that everyone associated with our athletic programs recognize the purpose of our sportsmanship policies; namely that as a Christian community we are called to mirror the love that God has for all people, including those whom we compete against.

Anyone associated with an athletic contest has a responsibility to uphold the highest standards of sportsmanship before, during, and after a contest. Sportsmanship includes, but is not limited, to the following:

  • Show respect for teammates, opponents, opponent’s fans and parents and
  • Treat opponents as guests in your
  • Accept both victory and defeat with grace and
  • Refrain from heckling, jeering, or using profane
  • Be positive in words and

Parents are the primary role models for their children. It is critical that parents set the best example of sportsmanship, particularly when they are spectators at an athletic contest.

Transportation (bus/vans/private vehicle):

In order to travel with a team, student-athletes must be eligible to compete in the contest to which the team is traveling. With rare exception, transportation to and from athletic contests is provided in Pacific Point Christian vehicles. Transportation by any other means is permissible only with the consent of Athletic Administration and permission of the student-athlete’s parent or guardian. Any parent wishing to assist in driving a team must fill-out a Drivers Authorization form and Van Guidelines form (available on schools’ website).

Transportation to and from practices is the responsibility of the student-athlete and his/her parents. In the case of off-campus practices, Pacific Point Christian will provide transportation whenever feasible. When this is not feasible, it is the responsibility of the student-athlete and his/her parents to secure transportation.

Transportation by Bus:

  • Adequate faculty and or adult supervision must be provided for activities when school buses are It will be the responsibility of the driver to determine adequate supervision.
  • Teachers, advisors, and coaches shall assume major responsibility for the maintenance of proper and safe student conduct at all
  • No unauthorized passengers may ride in school

Transportation by Auto (school van/private vehicle):

  • Smaller teams will often be transported by school van or private
  • Students are allowed to drive themselves to athletic contests only if approved by the Principal, athletic director and
  • Students are NEVER allowed to drive other students to and from athletic
  • Adults must complete the necessary driver forms and submit a copy of current driver’s license and proof of insurance to be cleared to drive students to athletic
  • Under no circumstances are those who are driving have more than seven (7) students plus the driver in any If there are more than seven (7) students plus the driver a regular bus driver’s license is mandatory, Also, NO RECREATIONAL VEHICLES, MOTOR HOMES, or OPEN VEHICLES are to be used regardless of the number of passengers.

All athletes may arrive at an athletic contest without traveling in transportation coordinated by the school is:

  • On a Saturday or non-regular school day if school is not in session, when it is the parent’s responsibility to provide transportation to the site of the
  • The contest is in the evening & it is the responsibility of the parent to provide transportation to the
  • Parents have been cleared for transportation of school events during school


Uniforms and any equipment issued to the players must be returned in good condition* within one week of the last competition. Players who do not turn in equipment/uniforms will not be allowed to participate in the next sport until it is received or Pacific Point Christian has been monetarily reimbursed for the cost of replacement. Also, term grades will be held until uniforms are returned.

*(Good condition is defined as usable for the next sports season. Uniforms should not have any tears, rips, holes, or discoloration from improper washing (wash all uniforms in cold water).

Drug, Alcohol, Tobacco and Steroid Policy

Pacific Point Christian High School is a drug, alcohol, tobacco, and steroid free school. As a member of an athletic team, student-athletes will refrain from using alcohol, drugs, and tobacco in accordance with school policy. If a coach or parent becomes aware of any situation involving illegal drug or alcohol use, they should immediately bring the information to the Athletic Director or Principal.

Steroid Policy:

As a condition of membership in the California Interscholastic Federation, the Central Coast Section, and the Pacific Coast Athletic League, Pacific Point Christian Schools has adopted policies prohibiting the use of androgenic/anabolic steroids. As a member school of PCAL, all participating student athletes and their parents, legal guardian/care giver agree that the athlete will not use steroids without the written permission of a fully licensed physician in the State of California recognized by the American Medical Association to treat a medical condition (Bylaw 524).

It is the policy of Pacific Point Christian Schools to oppose the use of performance enhancing supplements such as Creatin and Androstenedione etc. All coaches, teachers, and staff members of Pacific Point Christian Schools will not promote, sell, and/or distribute any supplements marketed as “muscle building”. The athletic department takes the position that all student-athletes should make positive lifestyle choices formed by a Christian conscience and a loving responsibility and accountability to coaches and the members of the team. Pacific Point Christian student- athletes will compete and reach their full potential, but will do it based on their natural, God-given abilities, without the introduction of foreign substances into their bodies.

By signing that they have read and understand the Pacific Point Christian Athletic Handbook, the participating student-athlete, parents, legal guardians/caregiver agrees that the student shall not use androgenic/anabolic

steroids without the written prescription of a fully licensed physician as recognized by the American Medical Association and licensed in the State of California to practice medicine. Under CIF Bylaw 200 D, there could be penalties for providing false or fraudulent information. Pacific Point Christian Schools’ policy regarding the use of any illegal drugs or substances and the accompanying disciplinary action will be enforced for any violations of these rules.

Student-athletes will be disciplined and/or dismissed from an athletic team if they participate in the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or steroids. These substances are illegal and may be harmful to your body and personal well-being.

Regulations Governing the Season

Signups and Try-Outs: Any student-athlete who intends to try out for a team must sign-up for that team and attend an informational meeting with the athletic department and coach. The coach will indicate the physical abilities and general skill level required to make the team. All student-athletes must try out for the designated level for their class. Only the varsity coach may invite a student to move up to another level and/or to put a junior on the junior varsity team. Student-athletes will be allowed at least three tryout sessions*. This includes any student-athlete who might begin tryouts late due to an over-lapping commitment to another Pacific Point Christian team. Only in rare situations would a student be allowed to make-up a missed tryout date.

In many cases, making a team at Pacific Point Christian is competitive. While some sports have a no cut policy, others may have a limited number of positions available; therefore, student-athletes trying out for a team must realize that they may not make the team. After the tryout period, the coach has the exclusive right to determine if the student-athlete demonstrated the talent, ability, and attitude to successfully compete in the program.

  • Student-athletes who are cut from a sport are encouraged to try out for another sport during the same season. Under these circumstances, the student is only guaranteed one try-out

Quitting a Team: To emphasize the importance and great degree of commitment that will be asked of the Pacific Point Christian athletes: any student-athlete who quits a team once they have been selected for that team, may not join any other Pacific Point Christian team until the conclusion of that first sport’s season. They may be ask to meet with school administration as to understand why the discontinuing of the said sport. This rule may be waived at the sole discretion of athletic administration.

Starting Dates: Organized practices for league seasons shall not begin before the starting dates list on the CCS website

Fall Sports (See CCS start dates per sport at

  • Girls Volleyball (V)
  • Cross Country (V)


  • Girls Basketball (V)
  • Boys Basketball (V)


  • Boys and Girls Track & Field (V)

Medical Procedures

Pacific Point Christian has no certified athletic trainers on staff to assist student-athletes during practice or contests. If a student-athlete suffers an injury during practice or contests, the on-site coach will assess the extent of the injury and call the student-athlete’s parents (non-serious injury) and/or 911 for emergency medical treatment.

Medical Clearance – Physical Exam Form:

Students wishing to participate in an interscholastic sport must show evidence of having a physical examination given by a licensed California physician that covers their entire season of sport. Physical examinations performed by a chiropractor will not be accepted. The physical form is available on the Pacific Point Christian website.

Doctor’s note:

All athletes that have seen a doctor for any reason require a written medical release in order to participate in practice or contests. No athletes under the care of a doctor for an infected wound may participate in practices or contests without a written medical release from their attending physician.

Athletic Participation – Athletic Registration Packet: No student-athlete will be allowed to participate in any pre- season conditioning, tryout or practice until all forms are completed and submitted to the athletic department.

Outside Competition & Summer Leagues

According to CIF rules, no student-athlete may participate on a non-school team of the same sport during the same season. This includes leagues, tournaments, charity games, all-star games, 3-3 tournaments, college classes, etc.

Since participation in a non-school event of the same sport will render an athlete ineligible and force the forfeiture of any Pacific Point Christian contest, student-athletes must check with the Athletic Director if there is any doubt as to whether a competition is permissible according to CCS and CIF by-laws.

Pacific Point Christian, PCAL, CCS, and CIF do not sponsor summer league teams. Although participation is allowed, it is not officially or unofficially associated with the above-mentioned groups. The parent assumes full responsibility for medical expenses and any liability that may occur as a result of participation on a summer league team.


  • The athletic department presents four types of awards: Letter Awards, Participation Certificates, Team Awards, and Scholar Athlete
  • Letter Awards: Each head coach determines which athletes are to receive letters based on criteria that includes playing time, attendance at practice, and exemplary attitude. Letters are available in the athletic
  • Participation Certificates: These certificates are presented to all athletes who were active and consistent members of a particular team on any
  • Team Awards: These awards are chosen by the coaches for each team. Varsity teams are allowed three (3). The awards will be The Award names are as follows:
    • MVP
    • Most Christ-Like
    • Heart of a Lion
  • Scholar-Athlete Awards: This award is presented to students who have participated in athletics and who have maintained a 3.5-weighted grade point average (with no F’s) during the season of sport (determined by the last grading period). The GPA from the last grading period during their sport will be used to determine award
  • Coaches Awards: The award names are selected by the coach and recipients of awards will be chosen by the coaches for each team. Coaches are allowed up to, but no more than three (3) of these types of awards. The awards will be printed

Parent Guidelines:

We are blessed to have strong, invested, and supportive parents in our athletic program. Often, parents are eager to get involved and help but sometimes do not know how to proceed. As a parent of a Pacific Point Christian athlete, there are multiple volunteer and ministry opportunities available. Please contact the Principal or Assistant Athletic Director for further information.

Expectations of parents:

  • Attend orientation and informational meetings
  • Pray for and encourage your child daily
  • Work closely with school personnel to ensure a proper academic progress
  • Ensure that your child attends all scheduled practices and athletic contests
  • Acknowledge the authority of the coach to determine strategy, player selection, and playing time
  • Exhibit and promote sportsmanlike behavior from students and parents
  • Volunteer

Spectator Guidelines:

Among the many opportunities that Pacific Point Christian parents and students have is the opportunity to be a witness of the love of Jesus Christ. At Pacific Point Christian Schools, we take this obligation very seriously. We believe that our children’s athletic competition should be a significant part of our entire educational program. Everyone involved in our athletic programs has a duty to ensure that our programs impart important life skills and promote the development of good character. Essential elements of character building are embodied in the concept of sportsmanship and six core ethical values: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and good citizenship.

The highest potential of sports is realized when all involved consciously Teach, Enforce, Advocate, and Model these values and are committed to the ideal of pursuing Victory with Honor. The parents/guardians of our student athletes must play an important role in this commitment. Our good-faith efforts to honor the words and the spirit of these ideals can dramatically improve the quality of our students sports’ experience.

Parents and spectators at all Pacific Point Christian athletic contests are expected to support these values at all times by displaying good sportsmanship. The following are some of the ways to ensure you are part of a positive youth sports culture:

  • Offer supportive encouragement to all the players and coaches on our
  • Show respect for the decisions made by the contests officials. Refrain from booing, hissing, or making derogatory remarks towards game
  • Respect the fans, coaches, and participants from opposing
  • Support the team in prayer and various team ministry
  • Follow all the rules of the host site and follow the directions and rules set by administrators or designees from either school
  • Avoid criticizing the decisions of athletes or coaches at events or in your home
  • Attend our parent meetings and be an active member of our parent

The administration and staff at Pacific Point Christian Schools will hold all spectators at our athletic events to the highest ideals of good sportsmanship.

Spectators who are unable to exhibit the necessary sportsmanship to attend our athletic events may be subject to some or all of the following disciplinary action:

  • Verbal reminder
  • Removal from the site for the remainder of the contest
  • Meeting with Pacific Point Christian administration
  • Permanent banning from Pacific Point Christian athletic contests
  • Child being removed from the team or

Should you ever become aware of or concerned about issues of poor sportsmanship on the part of our students, coaches or parents please do not hesitate to contact the supervisory personnel on duty at the game or one of the Assistant Athletic Directors. Thank you for your help in this very important area.


A concussion is a brain injury and all brain injuries are serious. They are caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head, or by a blow to another part of the body with the force transmitted to the head. They can range from mild to severe and can disrupt the way the brain normally works. Even though most concussions are mild, all concussions are potentially serious and may result in complications including prolonged brain damage and death if not recognized and managed properly. In other words, even a “ding” or a bump on the head can be serious. You can’t see a concussion and most sports concussions occur without loss of consciousness. Signs and symptoms of concussion may show up right after the injury or can take hours or days to fully appear. If your child reports any symptoms of concussion, or if you notice the symptoms or signs of concussion yourself, seek medical attention right away.

Symptoms may include one or more of the following:
Signs observed by teammates, parents and coaches include:


Appears dazed

“Pressure in head”

"Don't feel fight"

Vacant facial expression

Nausea or vomiting


Confused about assignment

Neck pain
Fatigue or low energy

Forgets plays

Balance problems or dizziness
Nervousness or anxiety

Is unsure of game, score, or opponent

Blurred, double, or fuzzy vision

Moves clumsily or displays incoordination

Sensitivity to light or noise
Answers questions slowly
Feeling sluggish or slowned down
Slurred speech
Felling foggy or groggy

Shows behavior or personality changes


Can’t recall events prior to hit

Change in sleep patterns

Can’t recall events after hit

Repeating the same question/comment

Seizures or convulsions

Concentration or memory promblems(forgetting game plays)

Any change in typical behavior or personality


Loses consciousness

More emotional

Adapted from the CDC and the 3rd International Conference on Concussion in Sport

What can happen if my child keeps on playing with a concussion or returns to soon?

Athletes with the signs and symptoms of concussion should be removed from play immediately. Continuing to play with the signs and symptoms of a concussion leaves the young athlete especially vulnerable to greater injury. There is an increased risk of significant damage from a concussion for a period of time after that concussion occurs, particularly if the athlete suffers another concussion before completely recovering from the first one. This can lead to prolonged recovery, or even to severe brain swelling (second impact syndrome) with devastating and even fatal consequences. It is well known that adolescent or teenage athlete will often under report symptoms of injuries. And concussions are no different. As a result, education of administrators, coaches, parents and students is the key for student-athlete’s safety.

If you think your child has suffered a concussion

Any athlete even suspected of suffering a concussion should be removed from the game or practice immediately. No athlete may return to activity after an apparent head injury or concussion, regardless of how mild it seems or how quickly symptoms clear, without medical clearance. Close observation of the athlete should continue for several hours. The new CIF Bylaw 313 now requires implementation of long and well-established return to play concussion guidelines that have been recommended for several years:


A student-athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury in a practice or game shall be removed from competition at that time for the remainder of the day. A student-athlete who has been removed from play may not return to play until the athlete is evaluated by a licensed health care provider trained in education and management of concussion and receives written clearance to return to play from that health care provider.

Q: What is meant by “licensed health care provider?”

A: The “scope of practice” for licensed health care providers and medical professionals is defined by California state statutes. This scope of practice will limit the evaluation to a medical doctor (MD) or doctor of osteopathy (DO).

You should also inform your child’s coach if you think that your child may have a concussion Remember it’s better to miss one game than miss the whole season. And when in doubt, the athlete sits out.

 For current and up-to-date information on concussions, you can go to:

Please print out the Athletic Pre-Participation form below and bring to your physical, once complete return the complete form to Mrs. Mattocks.

Athletic Pre-Participation Physical Examination

I, the parent/guardian of the above-named student, request Pacific Point Christian Schools to allow my child to participate in after school sports.



I acknowledge that I have been advised and understand the risks and dangers associated with playing interscholastic sports which include, but are not limited to, personal injury, death, permanent disability, disfigurement, disease, sickness, and other similar dangers which could result in my child failing to return from the sporting event as well as permanent injury and death.


I hereby agree, both on my behalf individually as a parent and on behalf of my child, to hereby release and to indemnify and hold harmless Pacific Point Christian Schools, its agents, officers, directors, employees, and any other organization co-sponsoring the program or activities, from and against any and all injuries or damages which I or my child may suffer for any claims of negligence or alleged negligent act(s) or omission(s) arising out of or in any way connected with my or my child’s participation in the program, event(s) or any activities related thereto. I have read this paragraph and understand and agree that this is a Release and Waiver of claims both on behalf of myself and my child and that I am relinquishing rights by signing this agreement and have done so voluntarily.
Any dispute between the parties arising out of this agreement shall be submitted to binding arbitration before a retired judge in Santa Clara County under the arbitration provisions of the California Code of Civil Procedure. This arbitrator shall be selected by mutual agreement, or if that is not possible shall select this arbitrator, by the Presiding Judge of the Superior Court. Each party shall bear their own costs and expenses of the arbitration and an equal share of the arbitrator’s fees. Any arbitration shall be subject to the same statutes of limitations as would apply in the absence of an arbitration provision. The parties irrevocably waive the right to a court or jury trial. I have read, understand and agree to the above provisions and sign this form individually and on behalf of my child. I have read and will abide by the policies set forth in the Pacific Point Christian Schools Athlete & Parent Handbook.

Parent/Guardian’s Signature:

Parent/Guardian’s Signature:


I have read and understand the "Concussion Information Sheet"


I have voluntarily requested to participate in the Pacific Point Christian Schools sport program(s). I have read and will abide by the policies set forth in the Pacific Point Christian Schools Athlete & Parent Handbook.


I have read and understand the "Concussion Information Sheet"

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Calendar of Events
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

HS Girls Volleyball @ York


HS Girls Volleyball @ Marina


HS Girls Volleyball vs Kirby

PacPoint Cross Country


HS Girls Volleyball @ Oakwood


HS Girls Volleyball @ York


HS Girls Volleyball @ Greenfield


HS Girls Volleyball @ Marina

PacPoint Cross Country @ Palo Corona

HS Girls Volleyball @ Kirby

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