Associated Student Body

At Pacific Point Christian Schools JH/HS we have a student run, student elected, governing body that is in charge of creating a positive, school-spirited, Christ-centered community on its campus. As a governing body, we will make decisions on activities and events that enhance the students’ experiences and bring pwople together in fellowship. Some events include: Movie Night, All School Rotations, lunch time sports games and activities, Karaoke Night, Boys and Girl Night, Fall Festival and Barn Dance, Midnight at the Masquerade, Ping Pong games, Spirit Week and Grade Level games!

Current ASB Members:

There are positions available at each of the grade levels as class representatives, or a student may choose to run for “cabinet” position. The Cabinet positions are President, Vice President (one JH and one HS), Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant at Arms. Additional positions include: Sports Commissioner, and Yearbook Editor. Meetings are held during lunch, but do require additional time outside of school and on weekends (ample notice is given).

High School Student Only

  • Presides over the meetings
  • Works with the advisor and fellow officers to write agendas for each meeting
  • Appoints class representatives and a Sargent of Arms
  • Takes proposals to administration either in writing or in person
  • Together with the officers and the rest of the class forms a strategy to raise the spirit and quality of life for each student on campus by planning activities and special days such as lunchtime sports tournaments, spirit week, opportunities to service and other student led programming.

 2 positions, 1 Jr. High and 1 High School

  • Presides over meetings when president is not available
  • Works closely with the president in planning and implementing programs
  • Accompanies the president to meetings with administration
  • Often chairs a special project such as a food drive, or campus club, or lunchtime activity
  • Maintains the money box
  • Records all transactions, collects receipts
  • Maintains a running balance
  • Chairs the fundraisers (Candygrams, etc)
  • Writes minutes at all meetings
  • Works with the president and advisor to prepare agendas for each meeting (or for the week)
  • Prepares all written correspondence
  • Prepares flyers that may go out to the entire student body for special events or spirit week
  • Chairs any lunchtime sports or game activity, or sports tournament (3:3 basketball, flag football)
  • Duties Include: Taking sign-ups, arranging teams, selecting ASB members to serve as referees and scorekeepers at each game, keeping track of standings, works with the secretary and treasurer to prepare awards and prizes for the winning team. Works with the Athletic Director on coordinating these games.

 (all grades) must be in digital arts all year

  • Works with advisor on layout and organization of the Yearbook
  • Help organize getting events photographed for the yearbook
  • Work with the Advisor on deadlines for collages and layouts
  • Will work on some assignments using the school computer
  • Organization skills required!
  • Appointed by president. Helps maintain order at meetings using a system planned by the president, VP, and advisor
  • Voted on by the class. Communicates with homerooms ASB events, takes ideas from student body and reports to the rest of ASB.
  • May take sign-ups for special events and tournaments
  • One student from each homeroom

To be eligible to serve on ASB you must:

  • Have a servant’s heart
  • Maintain at least a 2.75 GPA
  • Not have excessive absences
  • Be inclusive and friendly to all of the student body
  • Commit to after school meetings (2 unexcused absences will result in dismissal)
  • Be willing to sign the ASB pledge of service

Upcoming Events:

  • Saturday, April 9th, at Old City Hall Restaurant, 6-9pm. Grades 8th and above: Midnight at the Masquerade. Come join us for a night of mystery and intrigue. Student will enjoy a murder mystery dinner show, while they eat. Students may be selected to even be a part of the show. No one knows “whodunit” except the actors themselves! Tickets, $50.
  • Friday, May 5th, End of the Year Movie Night, 6-9pm at Pacheco Pass Campus. Movies TBD. Cost, $5.