The junior high is a 3 year program which provides a nurturing environment while preparing students for the rigors of high school.  Our teachers are committed, professional Christian educators who care for the unique needs of each student.  They are dedicated to helping students become caring, leaders, accountable, scholars and steadfast disciples of Christ.

With a staff committed to the love of Christ and a heart to serve your children, the junior high program at Pacific Point Christian Schools provides a nurturing environment and a structured, developmentally, appropriate balance of social, spiritual and academic skills, preparing students for high school and college using challenging & engaging curriculum.


  • Affordable tuition
  • Nurturing, safe enviroment
  • Family atmosphere
  • Dedicated, caring teachers
  • Small class sizes
  • Accredited K-12 by WASC & ACSI
  • Quality, Christ-centered education
  • All academic subjects taught including Technology, Bible, Art & P.E.
  • High test scores
  • Diverse population