Our Goal is to Develop Students with C.L.A.S.S.


Pacific Point Christian Schools (Pac Point) is an educational ministry.  We exist to provide a high quality Christian education, Preschool through 12th grade, to the Santa Clara, San Benito, and Monterey Counties. Pac Point began in 1995 and continues to provide academic excellence with a strong spiritual foundation.

  • Your child will learn to be caring, as modeled by a staff that invests time in each child by discovering their learning styles, their strengths, and their challenges.  Each student will learn to respect one another, as modeled by our staff.
  • Your child will learn to be a leader both in the classroom and on the campus.  Many leadership opportunities are available at Pac Point and we gently encourage to lead courageously.
  • Your child will learn to be accountable Pac Point students and grow in character, learn to take responsibility for their actions, and strive to be strong morally and academically.
  • Your child will learn to be a scholar and will learn the satisfaction of an assignment well done and on time.  They will advance in reading, writing and arithmetic, as well as the sciences, the arts, and physical education.
  • Your child will learn to be a steadfast disciple of Jesus Christ by being discipled by mature Christian believers who are here because they love children and want to mentor them to be Christ-like in every area of their life.  Students are taught that the Bible is the source of all Truth and to depend upon the promises found within God’s Word.