Technology Class K-5

Pacific Point Christian Schools is proud to announce our exciting technology partnership with Global Academics and the University of Richmond. The Trajectory partnership provides our students with the finest technology education available today. Components of our program include:

Our school has a full time Technology Instructor on staff who meets with every K-5 class weekly in the computer lab.  Classroom teachers remain in the computer lab to assist students as well.  Each class meets once a week for about 35 minutes in conjunction with their library time.  Half of the class begins in the library and the other half in the computer lab and then the students switch.  This allows us to offer an effective student to teacher ratio for student learning.


Computer Lab
The Pac Point K-5 computer lab has 12 student PC computers running Windows 7. The computer lab environment provides a hands-on learning instruction model.


Integration Training for Teachers
A comprehensive teacher training program designed to develop our teachers’ skills in instructional theory, curriculum integration and application software. Our teachers earn continuing education credits for their participation in our technology workshops.


Integrated Curriculum
Our technology program is based on more than 350 literacy objectives in 10 different technology areas. Curriculum is designed to be integrated with our classroom studies so our students use the computer as a tool to develop projects and presentations.


Curriculum Delivery Support
Our staff is supported by an experienced staff of technology coordinators from Global Academics, who provide valuable assistance to all areas of our technology program development.
Accepted Use Policy
Prior to working “hands-on” in the computer lab, ALL students must return a signed Accepted Use Policy (AUP) agreement.


Students are encouraged to practice their computer skills at home.  The following assignments are currently optional and ongoing:

Grades K-1: Hand/eye coordination and phonics/reading practice with the Starfall website.  Link:

Grades 2-5: Typing practice with Dance Mat Typing, an educational site put out by the BBC.  This is a fun way to learn touch-typing.  Students start with the home row keys and add letters until they have learned the whole keyboard.  Link:


Technology Instructor (K-5):   Mrs. Mattocks: