Second Grade

Second grade brings on new challenges to students as they are expected to work and read more independently.  Students learn to deepen their critical thinking skills.  In reading, they will continue to practice fluency, expression and learn about character, setting and plot changes in chapter style text. Hands on application is encouraged in all content areas.  Christ is magnified with biblical integration and application through the use of scripture memorization and in finding God’s truth in all subject matter.  Sentence and paragraph writing are taught and used throughout the year.  Students will learn how to write a personal narrative, informative report and many other styles of writing.
Extra curricular activities for second grade include weekly chapel, computer lab, music, library and P.E. twice a week.
Number of Classes: 2
Maximum Class Size : 24
Dress Code: Uniform
Class Hours: 8:15 am. – 2:40 pm.


Mrs. Baquiran:
Mrs. Satalino:

Subject Matter:

Science (Purposeful Design, ACSI)
Handwriting (Scott Foresman)
Bible (Purposeful Design, ACSI)
Social Studies (Studies Weekly)
Health & Safety (Christian Schools International)
Language Arts (ABEKA Readers, ABEKA Phonics)
English 2 (Houghton Mifflin)
Math (ACSI)
Physical Education (Christian Schools International)
Music (Bob Jones University Press)