Kindergarten offers a well-balanced, Bible-based Christian curriculum that is both challenging and developmentally appropriate.  We believe that students learn best through hands-on experiences and discovery, so students will experience differentiated instruction through the use of independent learning, small and large group instruction and learning centers.

Number of Classes:  2
Teacher/Aide to Student Ratio:  12:1
Dress Code:  Uniform
Class Hours:  8:15 – 2:40 pm.


Ms. Britton:
Mrs. Corini:

Some of our program highlights include:

Bible: Knowing the need for Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and learning a general knowledge of Old and New Testament through classic Bible stories and memorization of a weekly Bible verse.
Language Arts: Understanding the letter/sound relationship which will lead to reading at a level of recognizing the top 25 sight words, long and short vowel words and special sounds such as sh, th, ch and wh.
Math: identify, write, count and know the value of numbers up to 100, be able to recognize, continue and create patterns,problem solve (basic addition and subtraction) through the use of concrete items and manipulatives.
Science/Social Studies: Discover God’s plan in relations to physical, life and earth science by using investigative and experimental skills, and learn about famous people, holidays, and events such as George Washington, Thanksgiving, and multi-cultural events.
Extra curricular activities: Weekly chapel, music, computer lab, Arts Attack, library and P.E. twice a week.

Subject Matter:

Math (Purposeful Design, ACSI)
Science (Christian Schools International)
Language (A Beka)
Social Studies (A Beka)
Handwriting (D’Nealian)
Health (Christian Schools International)
Bible (Purposeful Design, ACSI)
Music (Bob Jones University Press)
Physical Education (Christian Schools International)