First Grade

Our first grade curriculum is a Christian based success-oriented program. Subjects include Bible, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts with an emphasis on taking emergent readers to proficiency by the end of the first grade.

Extra curricular activities for first grade include weekly chapel, music, computer lab, Arts Attack, library and P.E. twice a week.

Number of Classes: 2
Teacher/Aide to Student Ratio: 12:1
Dress Code: Uniform
Class Hours: 8:15 am. – 2:40 pm.


Mrs. Burdick:
Mrs. Kumar: 

Subject Matter

Social Studies (A Beka)
Health & Safety (Christian Schools International)
Bible (Purposeful Design, ACSI)
Handwriting (D’Nealian, Scott Foreman)
Science (Christian Schools International)
Language Arts (A Beta, Houghton Mifflin)
Spelling (A Beka)
Math (Purposeful Design, ACSI)
Physical Education (Christian Schools International, Human Kinetics, ACSI)
Music (Bob Jones University Press)