First – Twelfth Grade

Students may be assessed in reading, writing, and math to determine if they are capable of working at grade level.

  • The reading assessment is usually an informal inventory of vocabulary, comprehension, and oral expression.
  • The writing assessment consists of writing a passage based on specific, grade level writing prompts.  Grade level standards are used to evaluate the writing.
  • The math assessment is usually from the adopted math series, but can include additional computation and problem solving sections.

After receiving the application for enrollment, the office will schedule a test date and time.  The testing time varies but takes most students 45-60 minutes.


OVERVIEW: The Gesell Developmental Observation is a short standard procedure, which is descriptive in nature and more qualitative than quantitative. A sample of behaviors from the various areas of development are elicited by using tasks that are generally familiar and comfortable to most children.  An individual child’s behaviors are matched with normative patterns of behavior established for each developmental age stage.

Gesell assessments assist the school in making placement decisions. To enter the kindergarten program a child must be developmentally ready for an academic kindergarten (as measured by a scores of 5 years old developmentally.) A child’s developmental age can equal to, be younger or older than his or her chronological age. The assessment test measures:

  • Developmental Age
  • Language Skills
  • Academic Indicators


Gesell assessments also provide information for parents to help them better understand appropriate expectations for their children in school and at home.

After receiving requested application information, the office will contact parents to set up a test date. The test time varies from student to student; average time is twenty-five minutes.