Dress Code Standards for JH/HS

Students at the JH/HS do not wear uniforms but follow a dress code. Students should seek to honor Christ at all times, and the matter of their appearance is no exception. Student dress should show respect for themselves, their families, and their school.

For you were bought with a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s – 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Please ask these questions when selecting clothing and hairstyles:

• Is it modest?
• Might my appearance be disruptive by calling attention to myself?
• Does my appearance identify with a counter-cultural group or rebellious element of society?

Am I setting a higher standard for myself in speech, life, love and purity? (1 Timothy 4:12)

Respect for our Christian values and appropriateness is required.
All decision concerning compliance with the dress code will be at the discretion of the faculty and administration. Should there be questions regarding the dress code, parents are encouraged to call the school prior to clothing purchases or hairstyle changes.

Parents, please familiarize yourselves and your student(s) with following the dress code and thinking aligned with dressing to assure they meet the dress code standards.

• Clothing must be neat, clean, modest and of proper size. Excessive loose fitting or form fitting clothing is not permitted.

• Clothes must not have holes (either deliberate in design in the clothing or obvious tears). See-through or ripped clothing may not be worn. Covering the hole or tear with tape is not sufficient. Patched clothing (patch placed inside the hole) is permitted.

• Proper footwear is to be worn at all times for safety purposes. Slippers are not allowed. Platform shoes and high-heels (greater than one inch) are not permitted. Athletic shoes are required for PE classes. Flip flops are permitted for High School students only.

• Any clothing, jewelry, backpacks, binders, book covers, pins, etc., with logos, slogans, pictures promoting drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sexual imagery, rebellion against authority, gangs, or anything that is contrary to Christian standards may not be worn/brought to school.

• T-shirts, sweatshirts, or clothing depicting bands may not be worn to school.

• Sweatpants, workout pants/shorts, and pajamas may not be worn. Only school logo sweatpants are allowed.

• Body piercing or tattoos (permanent or not) are not allowed. Students are to refrain from body piercing and tattooing while attending Point Christian Schools with the exception of pierced ears for girls (maximum of 2 piercings per ear).  Post or small dangling style allowed  for earrings, or 1⁄4” gauge maximum.

• Students may not write on their body with ink, markers, etc.

• Students entering Pacific Point Christian Schools who already have body piercing(s) other than a girl’s ears are required to remove them while on campus and at all school sponsored activities. Covering piercings with a patch or Band-Aid is not sufficient. Tattoos are to remain covered at all times.

• Hair should be neat and clean. Length (for boys) should not exceed below the collar and should be out of the eyes. Extreme styles, cuts, or colors are not allowed. Natural colors for hair only.

• Hats, beanies, baseball caps, hoods, and head coverings are not to be worn indoors (including chapel).

• Sunglasses must not be worn indoors.

• Yoga pants, leggings, jeggings and form fitting pants may not be worn alone. These may be worn under shorts, skirts, or dresses that comply with the dress code policy. They may not be worn with a shirt alone.

Students at Pacific Point Christian Schools should seek to honor Christ at all times, and the matter of their appearance is no exception. The way students dress should show respect for themselves, their families, and school.

Additional Dress Code for Female Students:

• As a general rule the length of all shorts, skirts, and dresses should be no more than 5 inches from the top of the kneecap when standing or sitting. This standard applies to dresses, skirts, and shorts worn with leggings.
• Spaghetti straps and low cut shirts are not permitted. Straps must be at least 2” wide, and cover bra straps.  No low cut necklines that expose cleavage on tops or dresses.  No midriff tops or tops with clingy fabric. Modest clothing is stressed.
• Acceptable underclothing must be worn (including bras). Undergarments must not be visible at any time.
• Females may wear well-maintained fingernail polish with the exception of black fingernail polish.
• Lightly applied make-up may be worn modestly.

Additional Dress Code for Male Students:

• Facial hair will be allowed as long as it is neat and trim.
• Muscle shirts, undershirts, or tank tops are not allowed to be worn alone (over a sleeved shirt is permitted). All shirts must have sleeve. Cutoff sleeves are not allowed.

Student Dress Code for Semi-Formal/Formal Events:

The following guidelines should be considered while choosing your student’s attire for the event. In addition, for some events, the event coordinator may request a picture of the outfit prior to the event in order to give final approval.

• Dress slacks
• Collared shirt (tie and jacket optional)
• Dress shoes or boots (no athletic shoes)

• Dress, pant suit, or long skirt
• Dress length must meet current dress code
• Dress straps must be a minimum of one inch width
• Spaghetti strap, strapless, or backless dresses must be worn with a jacket at ALL times
• No off the shoulder dresses
• Dress length may be no longer than the heel of your shoe (due to tripping hazard)
• Dress style shoes should be worn and be comfortable enough to climb stairs

Dress Code Violations:

If a student is out of dress code during the school day they will receive an infraction. In addition, teachers and administration will work with the student to resolve the issue as promptly as possible so the student may return to class. The student will be required to change clothes, or put on “loaner” Pacific Point Christian schools’ clothing. Students will then be responsible to wash and return the borrowed item(s) the following day. If the clothing is not returned, the cost of the item will be billed to the student/family account. Students will not be allowed to attend class if they are out of compliance with Pacific Point Christian Schools dress code.

If a student is out of dress code more than once on the same day, or becomes a habitual offender, he or she will be considered willfully disobedient and further consequences will result. Such consequences include: the student may be sent home, lunch cleanup, detention, etc. Administration reserves the right to determine the appropriate modest attire for each individual situation.

Junior High/High School PE Uniforms:

Junior High/High School students are required to dress out for PE class. All students are required to bring a clean PE Uniform to school on the set date given out by the instructor. PE uniforms consist of a gray Pacific Point PE t-shirt and purple Pacific Point athletic shorts. During cold weather, Pacific Point sweatpants may be worn.  It is recommended that each student have two sets of PE clothes, each article must be labeled with the student’s last name.  Dressing out for PE is a part of the PE grade. PE shorts must not be longer than the bottom of the knee and may not be higher than 5 inches from the top of the kneecap when standing.

All articles of PE clothing must be neat and cleaned on a regular basis. They must not be torn, baggy, frayed, or show excessive wear. Socks and athletic shoes are required for PE.